The Eleanor Roosevelt Story

The 1965 Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary

An intimate portrait of the woman who was called the “first lady of the world.”

eleanorwebSummary: The Eleanor Roosevelt Story is an intimate and moving portrait of one of the most remarkable women in American history.  It is the story of a lonely, unhappy child who became a highly admired and respected woman in the world. This lively documentary reveals the human face behind the American icon, beginning with the emotional deprivation suffered by this plain, awkward girl born into a socially prominent and powerful family.  Though she would eventually marry a man who would look beyond her awkwardness, Eleanor was not content to be the proper, silent, wife to her husband Franklin’s extraordinary political career.  Instead, she began a lifelong crusade to speak out about injustice and oppression in any form. Written and narrated by Pulitzer-Prize winner Archibald MacLeish.

Academy Award—Best Documentary

“Tears have not trickled so frankly and unashamedly from my eyes and pride has not surged so strongly in my heart while watching a motion picture as they did while watching The Eleanor Roosevelt Story.” –Bosley Crowther, The New York Times
“Epitomizes the fine art of the motion picture”-NY Herald Tribune

Key Credits:  Directed by Richard Kaplan
Written by Archibald MacLeish
Produced by Sidney Glazier
Featuring a new introduction by Hilary Rodham Clinton

Year/ TRT: 1965/ 90 minutes