King: A Filmed Record

King: A Filmed Record… Montgomery to Memphis

A historian said of him “Martin Luther King Jr. showed us what man can be, what man should be, and what man must be.” Now, an epic documentary film shows us what Dr. King was and what he did.

Summary: Nothing can ever convey, as this film does, the story of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement he led.  King: Montgomery to Memphis is not just an accurate historical documentary; it is an extraordinary record of fact and feeling. The events depicted, including Dr. King’s tragic death, were filmed, as they occurred, by newsreel crews.

Academy Award Nominee
Perhaps the most important film documentary ever made.”-The Philadelphia Bulletin
King reminds us of the staunchness of spirit that can be aroused in the hearts of the humble, the strengths that lead to victories…. Scene and action approach the eloquence of King himself.” –Judith Crist, New York Magazine

Key Credits:  Produced for the Martin Luther King Jr. Foundation by Ely Landau.
Directed by Richard Kaplan

Year/ TRT: 1970/180 minutes