Black Fox

Narrated by Marlene Dietrich

One of the first films to depict the tragedy of the Holocaust and to reflect on the threat to mankind posed by the atomic bomb.

blackfoxweb2Summary: A powerful and compelling documentary, Black Fox interweaves the story of Hitler’s cataclysmic career, as shown in newsreel shots, with etching illustrations of the ancient fable of “Reynard the Fox.” The gruesome, realistic etching of Wilhelm von Kaulback depicts the deceitful fox winning the trust of all the other animas and then using them to his advantage. Marlene Dietrich is the narrator of this sophisticated Academy Award-winning film that reflects upon the tragic irony of the Nazi regime.

Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary

Key Credits:  Produced and Directed by Lewis Clyde Stoumen. Production Supervisor, Richard Kaplan

Year/ TRT: 1962/ 88 minutes