A Look at Liv

Norway’s Liv Ullmann, Liv Ullmann’s Norway

livweb2Summary: This feature length documentary is the portrait of an exceptional woman.  Live Ullmann is not only a highly acclaimed actress; she is also a talented writer and a most articulate and perceptive commentator on the human condition. This film marks the first time that Liv Ullmann has allowed the camera to explore in detail the intimate side of her life and thought, her work, and her relationship with Ingmar Bergman, the influence of her native Norway, the writing of her best-selling autobiography, and of course her role as a woman and mother. A Look at Liv is an intimate and revealing assessment of a woman’s role in the world of the 70’s. It is also Liv Ullmann’s depiction of her country and her heritage and their impact on her life and work.

1st Prize Berlin Festival, Virgin Islands Film Festival
An absorbing documentary about this too-good-to-be-true woman” Candice Russell, the Miami Herald

Key Credits:  Directed by Richard Kaplan, Written and Produced by Jerry Winters and Richard Kaplan

Year/ TRT:  1977/ 67 minutes