Richard Kaplan Productions

Assignment: Rescue
The Story of Varian Fry and the Emergency Rescue Committee
Narrated by Meryl Streep

The Exiles
They Fled Hitler, They Found America

China Journal
The story of the US/China Friendship Camp, an experiment in intercultural relations

A Look at Liv
Norway’s Liv Ullmann, Liv Ullmann’s Norway

Legacy of a Dream
The essential, award-winning film on Martin Luther King, his non-violent movement, and its relevance today

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Craig!
Celebrates the life and family of Mrs. Lulu Sadler Craig on the occasion of her one hundred and second birthday

The Eleanor Roosevelt Story
The 1965 Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary
An intimate portrait of the woman who was called the “first lady of the world.”

Black Fox
Narrated by Marlene Dietrich
One of the first films to depict the tragedy of the Holocaust and to reflect on the threat to mankind posed by the atomic bomb.

King: A Filmed Record… Montgomery to Memphis
A history said of him “Martin Luther King Jr. showed us what man can be, what man should be, and what man must be.” Now, an epic documentary film shows us what Dr. King was and what he did.

Varian and Putzi: A 20th Century Tale
Varian Fry and Ernst “Putzi” Hanfstaengl met only once, in 1935.  At that meeting, Putzi, then Foreign Press Chief of the Nazi Party, revealed to his fellow Harvard alumnus the Nazi’s plan to “exterminate” the Jews of Europe.  The impact of what Fry was told changed the course of his life.